The Eclipse’s Diamond Ring Effect | St. Louis Proposal

What’s more exciting than seeing a total solar eclipse? Being proposed to during a total solar eclipse!


Don made plans to meet up with Courtney to watch the eclipse during her lunch break at work. Don also made plans with me to have me hide out in the parking lot to photograph the two of them when he popped the question like some kind of photo ninja.

Don, Courtney, and a group of her coworkers anxiously awaited the totality in a parking lot by a busy road. Everyone stood, staring at the sun (with proper eclipse glasses, of course!), as it began to darken outside. Street lights and business signs lit, and traffic stopped as the moon moved into place in front of the sun; then darkness, save the ring of fire that outlined the moon. As the sun’s corona created its diamond ring effect, Don created his own. Down on one knee, he pulled out a box containing a diamond engagement ring. Courtney said yes, and cheering erupted as the two shared a kiss. The sky began to brighten, street lights turned off, and traffic resumed. Everyone stopped staring at the sun and shifted their focus to the new bright light on Courtney’s ring finger.

That’s one helluva proposal! Congrats, Don & Courtney!


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