52-Week Photo Challenge: June

Well, hello, hello! This post is coming a week later than usual, because I was out of town last week and returned inspired by the the power of print. Regardless of being off my blog schedule, I am still on-schedule with my weekly photo challenges! I am excited for next week’s theme, as it fits quite well into my upcoming vacation to Charleston, SC; however, I have June’s photos to share first!


Week 22: Portrait: Hands


Week 23: Landscape: Weather


Week 24: Artistic: Sparkle!


Week 25: Portrait: Silhouette

And after nine landscape photos, I think these last two have finally helped me embrace the genre! The first landscape above was actually taken in West Alton, MO, and the one below was from my recent trip to Alabama. The scene below especially caught my eye, from the tree’s winding and drooping branches to the incredible blue sky all the way down to the red-orange dirt that covers the South.


Week 26: Landscape: Simplify

Well, that’s six months of photos down, and only six more to go. I can’t believe 2017 is halfway over already! I’ll return in August with another month and photos of my trip to South Carolina. Stay cool and wear your sunscreen!




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