Forest Park at night

52-Week Photo Challenge: May

How is May almost over already?! This month has flown by, and summer is on our doorstep here in St. Louis! Another month means another batch of photographs from my 52-week photo challenge. It’s been a busy month, so some of my shots were taken last-minute, which turned them into self-portraits, so enjoy my face!


Pink peony

Week 18: Texture


My peony bush was in bloom at the start of the month, which drew me to capture the softness of the beautiful pink and yellow petals.

Abstract macro peony

Week 18 still: Texture

David-Bowie inspired self-portrait

Week 19: Messy Portrait

I started my “messy portrait” with an “I woke up like this” look, and it just wasn’t messy enough. After listening to some David Bowie, I decided to add my own Aladdin Sane-inspired make-up to complete my visage.

Forest Park at night

Week 20: “Night Owl” Landscape

Game of Thrones-inspired portrait

Week 21: Artistic: Fantasy

That’s a wrap for my personal work for the month of May, I’ll see you at the end of June for the next round!




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