St. Louis Bridal Portraits | Union Station

I recently attended a photography conference called ShutterFest that is held annually at Union Station. By “attended” I mean I had three days of non-stop learning, networking, and shooting until I thought my hands would fall off (good news: they didn’t). I had the opportunity to test out new gear, take classes taught by some amazing photographers, and then immediately take this new knowledge and apply it with models who were there to not only pose, but also to learn. The two stunning women I am featuring today donned two gorgeous wedding gowns and followed me all over Union Station to capture my vision for our bridal shoots.

Model Jane Dillon wore a vintage-style halter gown with a beautiful lace overlay and train, so we incorporated that same style into her photographs, using dramatic lighting to highlight the dress and add a timeless, elegant feel to the images.

Model Nicole Fulmer wore a more traditional, strapless silk ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, so we opted for a more romantic, “Secret Garden” feeling that created a striking contrast with Nicole’s colorful tattoos and my bold, vibrant style.

As many St. Louis brides face with spring and summer weddings, we photographed these images mid-day on two afternoons with full sun and 80+ degree temperatures. We had some difficulty in finding locations that weren’t already over-run with other photographer and models.We managed to find a small courtyard, an outer building wall, and the walls outside of some restrooms, which taught me the greatest thing I learned at ShutterFest this year: beautiful photographs can be made ANYWHERE!

I am also now offering bridal sessions to add-on before or after your wedding so that can we can create your own stunning portraits in your wedding dress in a relaxed and intimate setting! Visit to schedule a consultation to discuss your epic wedding day!





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