52-Week Photo Challenge: March

It’s April already! 2017 is flying by, and I’ve managed to stick with my challenge and complete another month of photographs! I’ve really gotten into the swing of this thing, and it’s becoming easier to plan and shoot for a personal project each week in addition to my other work. While I don’t typically photograph portraits of men, my husband was “happy” to help out for a couple of my portrait challenges. I really enjoyed starting the month with some dramatic, low-key portraits, then ending it with some beautiful, high-key ones!

Week 9: Shadows

Cody Bear-1

Week 10: Environmental Portrait


Week 11: Reflection (Landscape)


Week 12: Transportation

Fun story: This shot took about ten minutes to set up and shoot. After photographing a staged scene with a “broken down” car, my damn car wouldn’t start!


Week 13: High-Key Portrait

I recently started reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy (again), and I finished The Fellowship of the Ring the night before this portrait, so I was inspired to capture the beauty and light of Galadriel with my wonderful friend and fellow photographer Lina! If only we’d had an Elven leaf brooch to secure her cloak of lace…

That’s all for March, we shall see what fun April brings!




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