St. Louis Geek Boudoir | *A*

WARNING: Sexy nerdom to follow.

Before any session, I like to talk to whomever I’m photographing and learn more about them, as well as collaborate on any ideas they may have for their session. *A* and I had a bridal boudoir session planned in anticipation of her wedding this fall. Before our session, though, she requested the most amazing thing I could only have dreamed of being asked: “I’m a bit of a geek, so I was wondering if I could bring Darth Vader props and/or a Storm wig?”

HELLZ to the YEAH, girl!

I would never have planned on incorporating any of that into our session had I not asked her about herself and her personality and interests beforehand! But I did, and she had amazing ideas, and we came together in perfect harmony, and it was AMAZING! So now I’m going to just shut up and show you just how sexy Darth Vader and Storm can be (no offense to Halle Berry, of course)!


Darth Booty: The dark side has never looked so good!

This girl can seriously rock a white wig, too! In a matter of minutes, *A* changed from reppin’ the dark side in a black bodysuit to being one of the good guys with the X-Men. No matter the outfit, the sass was strong with this one!


There is most definitely a Storm coming, Mr. Wayne! Sorry, I know this is X-Men, I just had to throw some Batman in for good measure. Now who wants a sexy Batman boudoir session?! Call me!






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