52-Week Photo Challenge: February

February’s photo challenges got a little more fun! I was in Las Vegas for the annual WPPI photo conference at the beginning of the month (more on that later!), so I used that opportunity for a couple of week’s photos that fit their respective themes perfectly! Upon returning from that trip, I did have a lot of work to catch up on, plus a wedding show to prepare for (Off White Indie Wedding Show…it was fabulous!), so I may have been a little lackadaisical* with my planning. I guess that’s why it’s called a challenge!

I am also including a BONUS IMAGE! While the landscape images have been my least favorite to shoot, I managed to capture some really nice photos from my plane seat while flying over some mountains and desert. Here it goes, February’s photo challenge images:


Week 5: Black & White Landscape


Week 5: Bonus color landscape…because these colors!


Week 6: Candy/Sweets


Week 7: Faceless Portrait


Week 8: Panorama Landscape

My 52 week photo challenge images will return on April 3rd, when I will share what I photographed in March with you! Until next time!




*I spelled this correctly on my first try! It’s a great word.


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