So, what is boudoir? | Part 3

WARNING: You are now entering the “Love your body” Zone. No negative talk and no body-shaming from here on out. Got it? That is the first “rule” of Paper Doll boudoir. That’s kind of the only rule. Well, that and have fun! Today is the final part of  my “What is boudoir?” posts, and I’m going to go over the basics of a PDP boudoir session.


Booking and pre-session:

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and book your very own boudoir session. Congrats! What now? Give me a call! We’ll talk in person or over the phone to discuss all of the when, where, why, what questions and any ideas or props you’d like to use. I’ll bring some album and print samples, and we’ll talk about you and your likes and dislikes. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d like to get to know you before you undress in front of me. During this meeting/talk we’ll hash out the logistics of our shoot and I’ll give you my handy guide going over what to wear and what you can do to prepare before getting in front of the lens.


Session day:

Time to be pampered! You’ll have hair and make-up done by a professional stylist, drink some Champagne or sparkling water, and just relax while we turn you into a modern pin-up girl. Once you’re camera-ready and comfortable, we’ll play some of your favorite tunes and begin shooting. The session will take 1-3 hours, based on what package you choose, and we’ll have time for outfit and set changes. Your shoot will be a fun, exciting event, where I will help pose you in what flatters you and your body most, and all you have to do is be yourself! We’ll focus on your favorite body parts and incorporate any props or ideas you have.



Great job! You rocked that boudoir shoot! Your hair and make-up is already done, so why not celebrate with a night out on the town? Meanwhile, I’ll edit and pick out the best photos from our session, and have them ready to show you within a week. We’ll get together once more to view your session, and I’ll work with you to create your album and any additional prints you’d like to order. Once your order is in, I’ll deliver or mail it to you, and you’re ready to enjoy the beautiful artwork we created of your beautiful body!

Paper Doll Photo’s boudoir sessions aren’t just regular photo shoots. They’re about building women’s confidence and allowing them to see themselves as others do: stunning, sensual women with wonderful personalities. My work is not just about your body, either. I capture images that show who you are as a person, and a person who is comfortable in her own skin. So, whether your shoot is something for you, or a gift for the special someone in your life, you’ll love seeing yourself in this new light.


If you have any questions or session or pricing inquiries, please contact me, and be sure to visit to view more images from my portfolio! And don’t forget, mention my ad to receive 25% off any session booked by May 31, 2015!

-Kelly  |  816.510.2406


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