So, what is boudoir? | Part 2

Having your own boudoir session is a very intimate affair between you and me. And my camera. While you’re in your underwear. Sound scary? It may be to some. Most people have nerves being in front of a camera fully-clothed, so I can understand that taking photos in your skivvies can be a frightening and stressful ordeal. My job behind the camera is to help you get over that fear and show off not only your beautiful body but also your personality! These are the four most used excuses women have to not try their own sexy photoshoot, and I’m going to share why you should ignore all of the excuses and get excited about stripping down for photos!


EXCUSE #1: I need to lose 10 pounds first.

Nope. You really don’t! Almost every single woman uses this excuse, and not even just with boudoir sessions. As your photographer, I know how the best lighting, poses, and angles to use to flatter every woman’s shape and size. I focus on the parts of your body that you love, not the ones of which you’re less fond. I’m not going to transform you into someone that you’re not by Photoshopping you into oblivion, but I will capture stunning photographs of you that celebrate your body just the way it is!

EXCUSE #2: I’m not photogenic/I don’t know how to pose.

I want our session to be a fun, stress-free experience, so leave this to me! While I strive for candid, personal photographs, there is still plenty of staging and posing done. I’m happy to help you pose, and we can figure out together what poses are most comfortable and look best for you. And if a certain expression or pose isn’t working for either of us, we’ll try something else! It’s my job to take your photo, so I’m going to do that until we get the shot.

BoudoirHannah37 copy

EXCUSE #3: I don’t know how to look sexy.

A woman is never sexier than when she’s being herself. Boudoir doesn’t just have to be about a “sexy look,” and I try to incorporate as much of your personality and feelings into each shoot as possible. Confidence is definitely sexy, too, so try to relax and have fun, and it will definitely show in your photos.

EXCUSE #4: I don’t want nude photos.

That’s quite alright! Boudoir doesn’t need to have any nudity! I will never pressure anyone to wear or not wear something with which they aren’t comfortable. As I mentioned in my last post, we can always have some shots with “implied nudity,” or you can even be fully clothed. You needn’t even wear lingerie. There are tons of clothing and prop options for every session, and I’m happy to help you find what clothing works best for you!


Boudoir sessions are a new, different experience for most women, so it is totally acceptable to be nervous about trying one. However, once we start shooting and the doubts and nerves fade, it will be a fun-filled journey of self-discovery into a sensual, confident side of yourself that you maybe didn’t know you had! So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call, and I’ll see you next week for my final “all about boudoir” post!


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