So, what is boudoir? | Part 1

boudoir (/boo – dwär/; French)  n.  a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room

Boudoir is a word that invokes many images in one’s mind, and it is a word often misconstrued when applied to photography. Paper Doll Photo’s boudoir work is about every woman’s beauty, personality, and sensuality; it is not “Glamour Shots” and it is not pornography. These photos are about positive body image above all and ensuring that every woman feels beautiful in her own skin. This is the first of three posts about boudoir photography and what I offer, and today I’ll go over the basics of what boudoir is and why these sessions are great.

Boudoir photos have become popular as a wedding gift from bride to groom, as well as Valentine’s and anniversary presents. However, I think these photos are the best gift a woman can give herself! PDP’s boudoir shoots are an afternoon of fun and pampering, followed by gorgeous images to cherish for a lifetime. While these photos and albums do make great tokens for a significant other, it’s even more rewarding to strut your stuff just for you!

So, what’s in these boudoir photos? Maybe some nudity, maybe not. It’s your call! The shoot is totally based around you: your comfort, your desires, and your happiness. “Implied nudity” is a term that I like to use with these sessions. It’s a sexy tease that means that no “lady bits” are visible, but we know they are there. The clothing (or lack of clothing) options are endless, and it’s even more fun to incorporate different articles of clothing, jewelry and props to further customize your images.


Who should schedule a boudoir session? EVERY WOMAN! I’m serious! Not only is it an exciting and memorable experience, but it’s a great confidence boost for everyone. These photos are for every woman, regardless of size, shape, age, or any other qualifier you want to throw in here. I focus on the parts of you that you love, not the ones you dislike! Every woman is different, and every woman is beautiful. My job is to capture that personality and that allure for you to treasure forever.


The idea of lounging around in underwear in front of a camera might seem crazy to some, but there are so many good reasons to go ahead and do it. Everyone has insecurities, even me (and I’m awesome!). The key is to not let those doubts get the best of you. My favorite part of any session is the reaction every beautiful lady has upon seeing her images. Even after the session, there is always some amount of uncertainty and nervousness over how she looked during our shoot. But once the slideshow starts, all of those feelings just disappear and are replaced by the thought of, “Damn, I look good!” Every woman should feel that confident all of the time!

Hopefully this has inspired you to try your own boudoir photo session! Next week I will address some of the excuses many women have to not get in front of the lens and try to calm some nerves about it!

If you’re ready to book your own boudoir shoot, drop me a line!

-Kelly  |  816.510.2406


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